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New Robot Kit: ActivePuzzle

ActivePuzzleis an exciting game that combines building robots with puzzles. Expressing technology ideas using puzzles makes ActivePuzzle the simplest robotics on earth!
  • Demonstrate STEM principles
  • First Puzzle Robot - ActivePuzzle is the world's first robot-building puzzle game, where the puzzles you build come to life!
  • No Coding. No Screens: ActivePuzzle doesn’t rely on coding or screens — simply snap puzzle pieces together to create new robots!
  • Simple, smart - the smartest puzzle, the simplest robotics.
ActivePuzzle Robot Kit

What is ActivePuzzle


Robotraffic is an international robotic competition held in the Technion - Israel institute of Technology.

The programming environment is used for learning and programming the robot. applies a visual drag-and-drop programming style, easy and intuitive for learning. Full window...

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