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class Turtle

Base class: Object

Inherited classes: Empty

Description: represents a turtle in a graphic window

  • direction: Direction of the turtle
  • pen_color: Pen color of the turtle
  • back|bk(): Advances the turtle backward to the specified distance
  • clear|cs(): Clears all turtle lines
  • ellipse(): Draws an ellipse: the ellipse will be drawn inside the bounding rectangle defined by the current turtle point, as an upper-left point, and the given point parameter as the bottom-right point
  • forward|fd(): Advances the turtle forward to the specified distance
  • hide_turtle|ht(): Hides the turtle
  • left(): Turns the turtle left with the specified angle. If no parameter is given, turns the turtle 90 degrees left.
  • pen_down|pd(): Puts the pen down - the turtle movement now draws lines
  • pen_erase|pe(): Changes pen move to erase - the turtle movement now deletes lines and points which are on its path
  • pen_normal|pn(): Sets the pen mode to normal (no erasing)
  • pen_up|pu(): Sets the pen in "Up" mode - turtle movements will not draw lines
  • position|pos(): Sets/Gets the turtle position
  • redo(): Redoes the last draw operation that was undo
  • reset(): Resets the pen state and the turtle state: the turtles set at point (0,0) facing north, and the pen state is down (writing)
  • show_turtle|st(): Shows the turtle
  • null(): Puts the turtle at point (0,0) facing north
  • null(): Turns the turtle right with the specified angle. If no parameter is given, turns the turtle 90 degrees right.
  • null(): Draws a line to given point
  • null(): Undoes the last draw operation

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