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class WinBase

Base class: Object

Inherited classes: MToolBar, MAnimation, MSlider, MButton, MComboBox, MListBox, MEdit, MLabel

Description: represents a basic graphic window

  • RTL: Is the window direction Right-to-Left - boolean value
  • bgcolor: Background color of this window
  • fgcolor: Foreground color of this window
  • font: Font of this window
  • null: Window height
  • null: Window width
  • draw_round_rect(): Draws a rectangle with round corners in the window
  • fill_arc(): Fills a given arc with the current window color
  • fill_circle(): Fills a given circle with the current window color
  • fill_ellipse(): Fills a given ellipse with the current window color
  • fill_rect(): Fills a given rectangle with the current window color
  • fill_round_rect(): Fills a given round rectangle with the current window color
  • observe_focus(): Observe events of type focus received/lost
  • observe_key(): Observe keyboard events
  • observe_mouse(): Observe mouse events
  • observe_mouse_motion(): Observes mouse motion events
  • pos(): Gets/sets the position of this object in the containing window
  • repaint(): Repaints the content of the current window
  • rotate(): Rotate transformation of the window
  • scale(): Scale transformation of the window
  • shear(): Shear transformation which causes objects in the window seem as "pushed" in a direction parallel to a coordinate axis
  • transform(): Coordination transform of this window
  • translate(): Translation transform of this window
  • null(): Gets/sets the window size
  • Key_pressed(): A keyboard key pressed event
  • action(): A general event action for mouse clicks and form menu commands. If no specific action method defined, this will be called.
  • click(): A mouse click event
  • focus_gained(): A focus gained event
  • focus_lost(): A focus lost event
  • key_released(): A keyboard key released event
  • key_typed(): A keyboard key typed event
  • mouse_dragged(): A mouse dragged event
  • mouse_entered(): A mouse entered into window area event
  • mouse_exited(): A mouse exited from window area event
  • mouse_moved(): A mouse moved event
  • mouse_pressed(): A mouse pressed event
  • mouse_released(): A mouse released event
  • paint(): a paint event - called when the window content need to be repainted
  • resize(): A resize event - called on window size change

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