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class Window

Base class: Object

Inherited classes: Empty

Description: represents a graphic window

  • choose_color(): Displays a dialog for selecting a color
  • draw_arc(): Draws an arc in the window
  • draw_circle(): Draws a circle in the window
  • draw_ellipse(): Draws an ellipse in the window
  • draw_image(): Draws an image in the window
  • draw_line(): Draws a line in the window
  • draw_rect(): Draws a rectangle in the window
  • draw_string(): Draws a string in the window
  • file_choose(): Displays a dialog box for selecting a file. An optional string or string list parameter may contain the file suffix(es)
  • file_open(): Displays a dialog for selecting a file to open
  • file_save(): Displays a dialog for selecting a file for saving the window content
  • get_turtles(): Returns the turtle list currently in this window
  • msg_box(): Displays a message box containing the given string.
  • radio_group(): Defines radio buttons as a group with mutual exclusiveness
  • run(): Runs the window code
  • save_as_image(): Saves the graphic content of this window as an image
  • set_icon(): Sets the icon of this window
  • set_style(): Sets the look and feel of the window
  • show_axis(): Shows X and Y axes in the window
  • null(): Adds a graphic element to the window
  • null(): Closes the window
  • null(): Hides the window
  • null(): Prints the window content
  • null(): Removes the given item from the window
  • null(): Shows the window
  • yes_no_dialog(): Displays a yes/no dialog and returns use selection as a string
  • item_selected(): An item selected event - called when an item is selected out of a list box or combo box.
  • slider_changed(): A slider changed event - slider value changed

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