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Object tree

The object tree contains the object list in the current world. When you click an object, it becomes the selected object, and the details area contains its details. Also, it is marked as a selected object in the 3D window.

You can call methods of an object in the object tree by right clicking the object, selecting methods and then selecting from the cascaded menu a method. This type of call is a design time method call (in contrast to runtime method call), essentially being part of setting the stage.

Objects in the object tree are displayed in hierarchic manner: the top level object is the current world, and it contains some standard objects (Camera, Light, ground) and optionally additional objects added to the scene by the user. Sometimes, an object is composed of subparts, in which case it has a plus sign ('+') next to it, used to open the subtree of the object. Each of the subparts of an object is itself an object in Mama, having its own methods, properties and functions (upon selection displayed in the details area).