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Uploading animations to YouTube

You can upload your animations to YouTube by clicking the YouTube button on the toolbar. A dialog to export the animation to a video file will be displayed, letting you set the path and file where to store the animation video.

Then, another dialog will let you set the parameters for uploading the saved animation video to YouTube: you can set here the video name and description, and your YouTube account details (username and password).

  • You will need to have an account with YouTube before you can upload videos
  • The format of the exported video file is QuickTime .mov
  • You can change the default frame rate to improve the video quality, by setting the variable "movieCapture.frameRate" in the configuration file config.xml (normally located under C:/Documents and Settings/<user-name>/.mamaen). The default value is 16 FPS, and you can set higher values, e.g. 24, 32, 64. Note that setting higher frame rate also makes the video file size bigger, which in turn causes longer upload time.
  • Assertions made in the program using the keyword assert are disabled in standalone mode