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ArduShapes Robot Kit (Arduino Based)

ArduShapes robot kit is an Arduino based robot kit designed to teach robotics in high schools and in the academy. Robotics with Arduino is becoming one of the most fascinating educational activities among students around the world, combining creativity and science.

Shapes Robotics develops and provides Arduino based robotic educational systems for developing mathematical-scientific thinking while building robotic solutions.

The ArduShapes Robotics Curriculum and Program

The robotics curriculum and assignments cover subjects from major science and technology fields: math, physics, energy, electronics, computer science, and control theory. The course is project based: each topic has a scientific background introduction, followed by a robotics project demonstrating the scientific principles taught.

ArduShapes Curriculum:
  1. What is Arduino?
  2. Binary Arithmetic
  3. Introduction to the C Language
  4. Electricity Basics
  5. Electronics Basics
  6. Control Theory Basics
  7. Contents And Specifications of the Robotic Kit
  8. Project: Hello World!
  9. Project: Led Blinking
  10. Project: Led Blinking with Potentiometer
  11. Project: Pedestrians Traffic Light
  12. Project: Pedestrians Traffic Light with a Switch
  13. Project: Led Array
  14. Project: Controlling Electric Motor with PWM
  15. Project: Creating Sounds with the Piezo Buzzer
  16. Project: Photoresistor
  17. Project: Temperature Sensor
  18. Project: Shift Register
  19. Project: Relay
  20. Project: Motor Controller
  21. Project: Controlling Motor Speed using Encoder
  22. Project: LCD
  23. Project: Ultrasonic Sensor
  24. Project: Bluetooth Communication
  25. Integrated Robotic Project: Robotics Structure
  26. Integrated Robotic Project: Avoid Obstacles
  27. Integrated Robotic Project: Line Following
  28. Integrated Robotic Project: Research Robot
  29. Integrated Robotic Project: Preparing to the RoboCup Competition

Mechanical 3D Models for 3D Printing

The ArduShapes kit contains 3D models to build robotic solutions, integrating the controller, sensors, and other components into a robot. The students can either print the 3D parts or design improved ones, according to the curriculum.

The ArduShapes Programming Evnironment

The ArduShapes software is a friendly programming environment for learning Arduino. The ArduShapes programming environment applies a visual drag-and-drop programming style, easy and intuitive for learning. read more...

The Arduino IDE

The Arduino programming environment is an open source tool for writing robotics programs in the C/C++ language. This environment includes support for programming the hardware such as IO ports for accessing peripherals, exceptions, EEPROM reads and writes, etc. Full specification and documentation of the Arduino environment is available here.