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Robotics with Mambo

Mambo is a system for developing multidisciplinary mathematical-logical thinking using robotics.

  • Introduction to Robotics, physics and Electricity
  • The Robot Parts
  • The Mambo Programming Environment
  • Motion - electrical motor structure, forward/backward and left/right motion
  • Sensing - proximity sensor, ultrasonic sensor
  • Control - open loop / close loop
  • Designing Robot Solutions - mechanical, electrical and algorithm parts
  • Final Project and Participating in Robot Competitions

Mambo Programming Environment

The Mambo programming environment is simple and friendly tool for writing robot programs and for uploading to the robot. The Mambo programming environment main parts are:
  • Menu
  • Toolbar
  • Robot Window (upper left) - contains draggable instructions representing the robot parts like motors and channels.
  • Editing Area (on the right) - instructions dragged by the user into this part are becoming program code instructions.
  • Properties/Methods/Functions tabs (bottom left) - these tabs contain the program properties, methods and functions.