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Robotics for Primary Schools


Robotics Program for Primary Schools

The robotics program for primary schools develops mathematic-logical thinking while working on robotics missions.
  1. Introduction to robotics, physics and electricity
  2. Introducing the robot parts
  3. Input and Output systems, programming environment
  4. Robot motion
  5. Robot sense and feedback (open/close loop)
  6. Conditional/loop instructions, evaluation and measurements
  7. Summary project
  8. Participating in robotics competitions
Shapes Robotics provides a strategic solution in robotics and technology education:
  • Multiyear curriculum in robotics and science
  • Training courses for teachers
  • Class presentations
  • Guide books for the teacher and for the students
  • Professional and technical support
  • Participating in robotics competitions

Shapes Programming Evnironment

is a programming environment for learning and programming the robot. applies a visual drag-and-drop programming style, easy and intuitive for learning. Full window...