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Robotraffic International Competition

The Nadav Shoham Robotraffic international competition is organized by the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Recommended robotic system is Mambo.
The Robotraffic Competition


Robotraffic competition 2019

The Nadav Shoham Robotraffic competition 2019 will take place in the Technion on March 14, 2019. The competition subject this year is Small Vehicles - Electric and Efficient Small Vehicles:
  • Designing four, three and two wheel electric vehicles with improved efficiency and safety
  • Option for connecting the small vechiles to each other
  • Mechanisms for warnings about collisions - cars with cars and cars with pedestrains
  • Designing of smart paths for small vehicles with improved safety

Robotraffic competition 2018 Winners

Winners of the full competition:
  1. Ein Mahel - 83.50 points
  2. Ort Kazan - 80.51 points
  3. Ort Odessa - 70.92 points
Winners of the Robotraffic project:
  1. Ort Odessa - 98.67 points
  2. Ort Kazan - 97.83 points
  3. Ein Mahel - 96.31 points
Winners of the Race competition:
  1. Ein Mahel - 12.81 seconds
  2. El Nahda - 13.31 seconds
  3. Ort Kiev - 15.16 seconds
Addition winner schools:
  • Innovation Robotraffic Award - Scientific Technological School Bet Hanina

Pictures from "Robotraffic" Competition

Preparations for the competition
Preparations for the competition

Robotraffic Mambo competition 2016

You can watch here the 2016 competition scores and pictures.

Robotraffic Mambo competition 2015

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Robotraffic Mambo competition 2014

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Robotraffic Mambo competition 2013

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Pictures from Robotraffic 2012 Competition

Mambo Video

This video demonstrates Mambo robot moving on the competition pad, obeying the traffic rules and traffic lights. Following is an explanation on how to prepare the class kit, and how to configure the robot for the competition missions.
Mambo On Robotraffic pad

Mambo competition kit installation guide

You can watch here the Mambo competition kit installation guide.